How to choose a Chinese PCBA processing factory?

How to choose a Chinese PCBA processing factory?

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Many customers and engineers don't know how to choose a suitable PCBA manufacturer in China. After all, PCBA is a very complicated professional process, from pre-communication, procurement, to production, to later assembly of finished products, if not one. Professional, rigorous and experienced team is easy to have problems in various aspects, resulting in the final production results are not very good, so we must pay attention to the following points when choosing China PCBA processing manufacturers :


1. Factory specialization

The first thing to look at is whether the factory has professional equipment. PCBA processing requires very specialized equipment, such as high-speed placement machines, multi-temperature zone reflow soldering, AOI detectors, ICT in-circuit testers and other equipment, which are the basis of production. Whether there is professional process management, PCBA processing requires professional equipment, and professional process management is required to control quality. Generally better Chinese PCBA processing manufacturers will pass the ISO9001 quality management system, IPC-A-610E electronic assembly acceptance criteria and other certifications, whether there are SOP job instructions and other information documents to guide the behavior of employees. By looking at the factory's data documents and qualifications, you can get an idea of the quality of the factory's quality control.

2. Service awareness

PCBA does more than just products, more services, processing services, pre-sales and after-sales services, a PCBA proofing manufacturer with good service awareness can take the initiative to take responsibility when customers encounter problems, and quickly respond to customers. Solve the problem. Therefore, the service awareness of a PCBA proofing manufacturer is very important.It can be understood by learning the company's corporate culture and the attitude of business people to customers.

3. Industry experience

The PCBA industry is in the midst of rapid development. The factory with many years of experience in foreign processing reflects the strength of the company to a certain extent. Secondly, we must look at the products manufactured, whether it is high-end, mid-range or low-end, and which areas of the products are manufactured. It is necessary to judge whether it matches itself. Only the right one is the best.

4. The price

The price of PCBA proofing in China is relatively transparent, with high prices and low prices, but not as low as possible. Some Chinese PCBA processing manufacturers choose to purchase original components from formal channels, and implement strict quality control, which will increase the cost of processing; while some Chinese PCBA processing manufacturers may choose to cut corners and use fake raw materials in order to lower prices. , resulting in unstable quality. As the so-called penny and goods, we should choose the right cost-effective PCBA processing factory according to our own situation.

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