What are the hazards of ESD for SMT patch processing?

What are the hazards of ESD for SMT patch processing?

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Concealment: The human body cannot directly sense static electricity unless electrostatic discharge occurs, but the human body may not have the feeling of electric shock when it is electrostatically discharged. This is because the electrostatic discharge voltage perceived by the human body is 2-3KV, so the static electricity is concealed.


Potential: Some electronic components have no significant degradation in performance after electrostatic damage, but multiple accumulations of discharges can cause internal injuries to the device and pose a hidden danger. Therefore, the damage of static electricity to the device is potential.


Randomness: When does an electronic component suffer from electrostatic damage? It can be said that all processes are threatened by static electricity from the time it is produced, until it is damaged, and the generation of these static electricity is also random. Its damage is also random.


Complexity: The failure analysis of electrostatic discharge damage is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly due to the fine, tiny and small structural features of electronic products. High-tech is required and high-precision instruments such as scanning electron microscopes are often required. Even so, some electrostatic damage phenomena are difficult to distinguish from damage caused by other causes. It causes people to mistake the electrostatic damage as other failures. This is often attributed to early failure or unclear failure before the electrostatic discharge damage is not fully understood, thereby unconsciously masking the true cause of the failure. Therefore, the analysis of damage to electronic devices by static electricity is complicated.

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