How to choose the right PCBA processing factory?

How to choose the right PCBA processing factory?

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When choosing the right PCBA processing manufacturer, we must understand a basic concept of cooperation. Any long-term and enjoyable business cooperation is based on peer-to-peer, that is, the door-to-door relationship, including the size of the company, manufacturing capabilities, service standards, development stages and corporate philosophy. Therefore, the suppliers selected by the purchasing managers through the price first impression often cannot match, because there are big loopholes in the dimension of our evaluation. The following describes several evaluation methods for selecting PCBA processing manufacturers.

1、The network brand

A wealth of information about the business can be captured through the supplier's website and social media. It's hard to imagine that a company doesn't even have a website. Micro-blogs, WeChat, Baidu search results, and other suppliers can't do circuit board and SMT processing services. It's hard to imagine a board manufacturer's website frame ugly. , no design sense), long-term unrenewed PCBA electronic product processing manufacturers can also have a professional attitude to serve customers. Here are a few test items:

1. Website design aesthetics

2. Is the website updated for a long time?

3. Is there a corporate brand introduction on Weibo, WeChat, Baidu search results and other sites?

4. Are there any company-related information on video sites such as Youku and Tencent Video?

2、Manufacturing capacity

Through the circuit board production and processing manufacturers website can understand the manufacturing capacity of circuit board production and PCBA processing and electronic assembly. If there is no such, it can only show that PCBA electronic product processing manufacturers have never thought of customer concerns from the customer's point of view. Carefully read the main page of the website navigation and find out whether there are a lot of repetitive and contradictory introductions. These are the basis for evaluating whether the manufacturing capability is true.

3、The quotation reference

Never kill a potential board manufacturing process and PCBA electronics manufacturer because of the price, then the initial offer is 50% higher. Because the board and PCBA suppliers are offering quotations under extremely limited conditions, our own product market positioning, detailed process requirements, and test plans are not 100% clear. On the contrary, those suppliers with high quotations are likely to have detailed considerations in this regard, and the suppliers with the lowest quotation seem to be only to win customers with price. As for quality and process, it is not the scope of their consideration. The general initial quotation is based on small batches of products, and it is very normal to have a large price difference.

4、Quality control procedures

Professional electronic manufacturing service providers should have a professional column on the website to explain their quality control solutions, including the process technology and internal management. This is an important factor in our evaluation of PCBA electronic product processing suppliers.

5、Certification ability

Whether electronic manufacturing service providers have professional UL, CE, RoHS, TS16949, ISO9001 and other series of certifications, which will determine the quality and reliability of circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

6、The professionalism of the sales staff

With just one phone call, you can clearly distinguish the professionalism of the salesperson, such as whether the speech is smooth, the business knowledge is skilled, whether it is extremely professional, etc., which is also to evaluate whether the circuit board production and PCBA processing manufacturers have a professional sales team. Important reference.

As the development of the B2B platform enters the revenue stage, companies that are willing to spend money can enter a good ranking, so please give up the intention to find a suitable supplier on the B2B platform. On the contrary, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are more trustworthy because their algorithms are mature, and the top ranked companies often have advanced service awareness and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. However, please carefully screen the suppliers in the first 3 pages of natural search results, and then evaluate the above dimensions.

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