The impact of PCB layout confusion on soldering reliability

The impact of PCB layout confusion on soldering reliability

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Confusing PCB layout is seriously affects soldering reliability.


1. PCB design exists flaws such as layout without positioning reference, the socket is in the center and adjacent to other components, the component surface has no process edge, the component coordinates are difficult to identify, the solder joint around the socket has the risk of failure, the component surface cannot be detected by AOI, etc.

2. The inductor will be removed during the secondary reflow if it placed on the welding surface,.

3. The connector spacing is too small to be reworkable.

4. Component spacing is too small and there is a risk of short.

5. The two thicker components are too close, which will cause the component touch the previous mounted component when it soldered by the SMT machine. The machine will detect the danger and cause automatically power off.

6. Place small components under the large components, such as it will cause difficulties in repairing if a resistor under the digital. The digital must be removed before rework, and the digital may be damaged.

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