What is the impact of incorrect PCBA array design?

What is the impact of incorrect PCBA array design?

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1. Edge is designed on the shorter side.

2. It is causing component damage when cutting the board if the components install near the gap.

3. The PCB board is made of TEFLON material with a thickness of 0.8mm because the material is soft and easy to deform.

4. PCB adopts V-cut and long-slot design process to transmit the edge. Since the width of connection part has only 3mm, the board has heavy components such as crystal oscillator and socket. The PCB will break during reflow and the edge will break in the MI process.

5. The thickness of the PCB board is only 1.6mm, the solder paste will rollover in wave soldering  if the heavy components such as the power module and the coil are placed in the middle of the width of the board.

6. PCB with BGA components are designed with mirror panels.

  • There are heavier components using mirror panel design to cause PCB deformation.

  • PCB with BGA package components are designed with mirror panels to make BGA solder joints unreliable

  • Shaped board without edge can not enters the equipment, it will increases the cost if using the requires tooling.

  • All four panels are spliced by snap off hole. The panels are low in strength and easy to deform.

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