Unreasonable PCBA thermal pad design

Unreasonable PCBA thermal pad design

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  1. Power supply VCC, GND, etc. need to be designed as thermal pads to improve the balanced heat dissipation performance of each pad during soldering. Otherwise, cold welding, continuous welding, tombstoning, skewing, etc. may occur due to uneven heat dissipation.

  2. When the thermal pad is designed, such as SIC, OFP and other pin pads are directly connected to a large area of VCC/GND, which is likely to cause defects such as continuous soldering and cold soldering.

  3. Copper is connected to the pad to affect the molten tin: Since the copper will absorb a large amount of heat, it is difficult for the solder to melt sufficiently to form a virtual solder.

  4. The regulator pad is too large, and the components will drift when soldered.

  5. The two component pads are juxtaposed, the connection strength is poor, and it will fail under vibration conditions.

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