Common other pad design defects in PCBA

Common other pad design defects in PCBA

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  1. The wire overlaps with the component pad, which affects the shape of the solder joint, increases the risk of bridging and soldering.

  2. There is no design component mounting hole on the PCB or the components shown are not reinforced, only the solder joints of the components are fixed, the assembly strength of the components is poor, and the solder joint cracking failure is easy.

  3. Solder masks define the pads, the heat capacity is unbalanced, and the components below 0603 are prone to stand-up phenomenon, and the maintainability is poor.

  4. The pad spacing is too large, increasing the placement accuracy of components, will lead to a certain proportion of component offset

  5. The width of the pad is too large, the component drift range is large during soldering, and component deflection occurs.

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