A text to understand the circuit design pattern process review requirements

A text to understand the circuit design pattern process review requirements

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Program design phase:

1. Participate in the demonstration of all the products, understand the tactical technical indicators, environmental conditions and structural characteristics of the products, and propose the electronic assembly technology and product quality assurance program according to the tactical indicators and environmental conditions of the products.

2. Introduce the results of electronic assembly technology at home and abroad to the circuit designer, and propose the electronic energy process requirements in the circuit design and the best electronic assembly process plan and feasibility advice to ensure the technical specifications of the production.

3. With manufacturability design, assemblability structural design requirements and enterprise standards as the basic content, combined with product characteristics, specifically proposed the electronic assembly process requirements in the circuit design and the best electronic assembly process solution to ensure product tactical technical indicators .

4. Propose the implementation of the electronic assembly process program, the implementation route, the equipment and infrastructure that need to be added, the technical transformation project and the characteristics of the electronic assembly that the product should pay attention to.

5. Perform a technical review of the circuit design documents in the design phase of the prototype and sign it.

Circuit design phase:

Based on the manufacturability design and assemblability design requirements and enterprise standards, review whether the circuit design documents meet and satisfy the processing conditions of the unit (such as technical level, equipment capabilities and testing methods); analyze the circuit design of the product. Whether it meets the application of advanced manufacturing technology, the rationality and correctness of the selected materials; Whether it meets and satisfies the product development stage, production batch and development plan: whether it meets and meets the application of new processes, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, etc. In particular, it is in line with the application of advanced manufacturing technology; whether it meets and satisfies the technical policies, technical regulations and technical standards of the state, ministries and commissions, and the technical design of the circuit design documents;


Production stage:

1 Process modification of the circuit design files entering the mass production products, so that the circuit design files meet the capacity of mass production.

2 Review whether the manufacturing technical problems existing in the product design stage and the engineering prototype design and final design stage have been resolved, and whether the exposed problems have been improved on the circuit design documents.

3 The circuit design files used in mass production must be complete, accurate, coordinated and uniform, with clear batch changes and meeting the requirements of mass production.

4 The Collaborative Quality Technology Department selects the electrical equipment products that need to be outsourced, and proposes a technical demonstration report on the selection of the electronic equipment.

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