Copper 2oz PCB Fabrication and Assembly
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    0.5oz, 1oz and 2oz cooper thickness are common, but they will involve different costs because of different usage of cooper plated onto laminate. Actually coopper is expensive metal in the market. What's more, different copper thickness determines the complexity of PCB manufacturing process. NOD Electronics is an expert of 2oz copper thickness PCB fabrication and assembly services for decades. We will easily bring your concepts into product and get market predominance. You will enjoy our outstanding PCB fabrication and assembly services from responsive team. Advanced facilities and quality assurance makes you comfortable.


    Because the production panels are completely covered with copper, the excess copper needs to be removed to reveal your design. To do this, a 1:1 size image of your design is photo plotted onto a film. The copper clad panel is coated with an etch-resistant material and your image is then transferred onto the etch resist.


    Next, the panel is submerged in a chemical bath where only the protected areas of the panel will have copper remaining. Etching is a subtractive process, meaning excess material is removed; As you can imagine, the thicker the copper, the more time it will take for the solution to etch all the way down to the bare laminate to define your pattern.

    Our Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

    Total Pad SizeStandardAdvanced
    Capture PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
    Landing PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
    BC Mechanical Drill (Type III)0.0080.006
    Laser Drill Size0.004-0.0100.0025
    Material Thickness0.00350.0025
    Stacked ViaYesYes
    Type I Capabilities single & Double DeepYesYes
    Type II Capabilities Buried Vias with MicroviasYesYes
    Type III CapabilitiesYesYes
    Copper Filled MicroviaYesYes
    Smallest Copper Filled Microvia0.0040.0025
    Copper Filled Microvia Aspect Ratio0.75:11:1
    Smallest Laser Microvia Hole Size0.0040.0025
    Laser Via Aspect Ratio (Depth:Diameter)0.75:11:1

    Costs and Quotation of 2oz PCB Fabrication

    The total costs of 2oz PCB fabrication and assembly services are mainly determined by PCB dimension, laminate thickness, surface finish, layer(s), other special technical requirements (such as blind & buried via, impedance), components, numbers of soldering pads and test plan. You can send PCB files (gerbers) and BOM to get instant quotation within 24 hours.

Copper 2oz PCB Fabrication and Assembly

Best offer of PCB fabrication services in China. This pre-clad material comes in various laminate and copper thicknesses so PCBs can be constructed with different thicknesses and finished copper weights.

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