Military PCB Fabrication and Assembly
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    NOD electronic services for aerospace (military + commercial) and industrial sectors, contracting the military industry PCB manufacturing and testing services, we can custom detailed service program for this advanced manufacturing , our specialized design and manufacturing team can meet your manufacture and design changes.

    Our Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

    Total Pad SizeStandardAdvanced
    Capture PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
    Landing PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
    BC Mechanical Drill (Type III)0.0080.006
    Laser Drill Size0.004-0.0100.0025
    Material Thickness0.00350.0025
    Stacked ViaYesYes
    Type I Capabilities single & Double DeepYesYes
    Type II Capabilities Buried Vias with MicroviasYesYes
    Type III CapabilitiesYesYes
    Copper Filled MicroviaYesYes
    Smallest Copper Filled Microvia0.0040.0025
    Copper Filled Microvia Aspect Ratio0.75:11:1
    Smallest Laser Microvia Hole Size0.0040.0025
    Laser Via Aspect Ratio (Depth:Diameter)0.75:11:1

    NOD electronic can produce the PCB of military specifications, and provide manufacturing services, is the military grade PCB manufacturers. With ISO13485, GJB, OHSAS18001, ISO / TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, UL eight international certification, in strict accordance with the IPC standard control, military-level PCB manufacturing qualified rate of 100%.

Military PCB Fabrication and Assembly

NOD Electronics can be product various PCB control panels of electronic products according to customer requirements of , such as: health care equipment control panel, communications electronics control board, designing the control circuit, circuit control board development, etc.

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