Medical infrared thermography PCB Assembly
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    Medical infrared thermography PCB Assembly

    The medical infrared thermal imager is an image device for recording the heat field of the human body. The infrared thermal imager converts the far infrared light of human radiation through the optical electronic system by filtering, modulating and photoelectric conversion, turning it into an electrical signal, and converting it into a digital amount through A/D, and then through the multimedia image processing technique, the form of pseudo color heat map is displayed. The human body's temperature field and normal body state have normal thermograms. Abnormal body state has abnormal pyrogram, compare the similarities and differences between the two, combined with clinical diagnosis, infer the nature and extent of the disease.NOD Electronics is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of PCB&PCBA for home camera, smart couple pillow, smart socks alarm clock, smart lighter, wireless service bell.

    Medical infrared thermography PCB Assembly Capabilities

    7 SMT linesUp to 12 layersFuji & Samsung SMT mounters
    4 DIP linesSMT/DIPAuto solder paste screen printer
    0201 componentIn circuit testReflow ovens with 10 zones
    0.25mm BGAFunction circuit testAuto optical inspection
    Laser stencilsBurn in testWave soldering (lead-free)
    Senju solder pasteBox BuildingX-ray

    Electric Drywall Sander Process Control

    NOD Electronics fully show respect to your strict confidentiality of documentation and procedures and has formalized a range of control process that can ensure customer products in delivery of good quality. We will operate the process during Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA) etc stages and management methods ISO, 7 sigma, PDCA.

    pcb assembly process control

    At Accelerated Assemblies, we not only provide lead free printed circuit boards for your industrial applications, but also help you migrate to lead free and ROHS compliant PCB assembly services.

Medical infrared thermography PCB Assembly

The medical infrared thermal imager is an image device for recording the heat field of the human body.


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