Multilayer PCB Fabrication and Assembly
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    NOD Electronics specializing in producing single layer, double layers, 4 layers, 6 layers and multilayer PCB. The company has the grearest PCB production equipment, and equipped with high-precision testing equipment and laboratories. We can produce all kinds of high-precision, high-density circuit board 850,000 square feet monthly, the smallest aperture up to Φ0.1mm, the minimum line width 3mil, the minimum line distance 3mil. We also can offer one-stop service which based on customer PCB schematic design.

    Our Capabilities of PCB Fabrication

    Total Pad SizeStandardAdvanced
    Capture PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
    Landing PadDrill + 0.008Drill + 0.006
    BC Mechanical Drill (Type III)0.0080.006
    Laser Drill Size0.004-0.0100.0025
    Material Thickness0.00350.0025
    Stacked ViaYesYes
    Type I Capabilities single & Double DeepYesYes
    Type II Capabilities Buried Vias with MicroviasYesYes
    Type III CapabilitiesYesYes
    Copper Filled MicroviaYesYes
    Smallest Copper Filled Microvia0.0040.0025
    Copper Filled Microvia Aspect Ratio0.75:11:1
    Smallest Laser Microvia Hole Size0.0040.0025
    Laser Via Aspect Ratio (Depth:Diameter)0.75:11:1

    NOD electronics introduce advanced equipment and technology for innovation in PCB manufacturing processing, speed up the pace of production. Global electronic manufacturing services need to coordinate the customer, electrical components inventory, circuit board suppliers, factory operations and after-sales relationship, in order to achieve delivery in time .

Multilayer PCB Fabrication and Assembly

Some of our products are often required to operate in harsh environments, so their quality and reliability are the most importance. With years of experience, we have won a good reputation in the field of electronic production because we has a rich resources, reasonable prices and delivery on time.

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